A creative consultancy designed to drive business.

At Watson & Company, we blend big ideas, in-depth strategy, technology, and design to build brands that connect with the most sought-after audiences in the world.

We are a team of creative problem solvers, artists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to building brands and growing businesses.



We custom-build internal teams to discover project insights and challenges. We complement existing data and briefs with tailored research and analytics. We closely examine our network when crafting and implementing brand tools.


We identify what brands really stand for and define what sets them apart. By combining intuition, audience demographics, market knowledge, and competitive insights, we differentiate clearly and connect deeply to drive growth.

Brand Building + Transformation

We get to the core of your offering and build timeless and flexible brands for a fast-moving media landscape. Engage authentically, communicate distinctly, and elevate the offering.

Concept + Naming

Our verbal identity team invigorates brands through language. We name brands, products, and experiences by creating language systems that speak to a brand’s personality and promise.

Art Direction

Image is the key element of a brand. We bring our refined and careful eye to each and every production—big or small—to maintain the highest standard of aesthetic principals.


We activate brands across platforms, helping to create a variety of responsive digital experiences for expressive brand voices. We work with the latest technologies to craft impactful and memorable consumer experiences.

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